Tenugui (Japanese-style hand towels)

Tenugui (Japanese-style hand towels) are thin cloths made from cotton that is usually
30 ~ 35cm wide and 90 ~ 120cm long, they are not sewn at the bottom and are thinner than towels, so they dry quickly.
Since tenugui are very breathable and absorbent, they are ideal for the humid climate of Japan. It became wide spread in the Edo period, but even today, various designs are created featuring seasons and everyday items.

I always use them, I tie a tenugui around my head when I work at a kitchen, or I use for kitchen clothes and hand towels.

Today, I made my original Tenugui.
I designed and dyed by myself.  
I used soy milk for design, and Hibiscus tea for dyeing.

You can't really see the design it colored pale brown, but teacher (right on the pic) said that as time passes, it comes out more.
Hibiscus tea took a dye beautiful pink.
I am quite happy that I made one-of-a-kind thing !



 a long row of cherry blossom trees in Kamakura
SAKURA under the full moon
the park in the neighborhood

Cherry blossom is SAKURA in Japanese.
The meaning of this word seems to come from the word "Sakura", which bloom in a showy fashion and then very quickly vanish.

Enjoying ''Ohanami'' (Sakura-viewing party) with friends, enjoying seeing Sakura quietly alone in the night time.... many people enjoy Sakura in different way in different places everywhere in Japan. 

We had a long winter this year. This spring came really slowly, we slowly enjoy feel the changing seasons, the warm sun and the fresh air !! yay !! I finally feel spring !!!



3.11 Each has individual thoughts inside.

It has still continued.
we still have many questions no answered. 
People's anxiety, sorrow, cannot be healed yet.

I joined a memorial service at the Hibiya park (one of a big park in Tokyo) at 14:46 .
I had a moment of silence with 30000 people in the park.
I felt tears welling up with remembering Ishinomaki, a disaster area I went to volunteer, lots other mixed feelings from past one year...

On the TV, They are showing the Tsunami scene on and on as 1st anniversary from the earthquake. but I don't know Tohoku people want to remember what happened that day.
We won't forget the day but that's for our future.

Think myself 
Think my life, and the way to live
Think this country
Think the world

Last year, although it's not answered,  
Everyone has considered our lives.
People who can express their feelings, they are in action.
People who can learn, they are learning.

Each of us are doing what we can.
And living in the present. 

Have a sense of gratitude for 
Things we think it's nothing special,
People we think they are always there.
Then we need to move forward. 

And I want to thank you for my people who's always with me and
people who live far away but always think of me and Japan.
They all encouraged me, and some made donations then sent us.
ARIGATOU people !!!

On the way to home, I stopped by the Issiki beach.
The sunlight shining on so strong 3.11.2012.
HOPEs up  !!

Here is a link of my brog from a year ago... I won't forget what I felt at the time.


Cloudy Sunday

Cloudy Sunday. 
Taking a Walk along the beaches in Hayama. 

I sat down on the beach, had a little snack time. 
I got a special Hayama cookie, It's so special so I ate just a half of it. 
I took my time to enjoy the taste. 
It was so good, so I was going to eat another half.
when I was about to eat with expectation.
 The another half was disappeared in an instant. 
 It was a kite.
It took me little while to realize that was a kite.

We must be careful when we eat something on the beach.....right !? 
I totally forgot about that.

well, anyway,
He stole the another half of my cookie without even a scratch on my hands !!
  The kite is genius !
Cloudy Sunday,
I was feeling a bit sad that day, but the kite made my day ! 
I just couldn't stop laughing by myself on the beach :D

I hope the weather gets warmer soon.....
I long for Spring !!



January always give us a fresh new beginning 
bring us a breath of fresh air
 and new lights.
Catch the new waves.

Life is a journey !
Enjoy your journey 2012 !!


The first star

Changing from a blue sky in the daytime to an evening and then starry sky at night.
I found the first star in the evening.
It was just a tiny dot but tender light.

It's a starry winter night. 


morning moon

One morning, few days after total eclipse of the moon, There was the beautiful moon in the morning.

A friend told me a story of the day of total eclipse.

When he got out a station, all the people are looking up the sky and watching at the moon.
He said ''think about it, all the people in Japan, We were looking at the same thing at the moment. this year was really tough for all of us, but it's going to be alright. I felt like that.''

His thoughts made me feel so peaceful.
and yeah ! Although, we Japanese are such a busy people in this world, unless we don't lose the time looking up the sky and we don't lose the heart that we think beautiful when we see something beautiful, I think we can make a difference even things our eyes can't see.